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Everyone has ideas on how to fix the Nets

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

They're all over the Internet -- long range plans, short range plans, plans based on years in the league or just some pie-in-the-sky speculation by someone in a bathrobe in a basement. Armchair GMs indeed.

If you're looking to devote time to one or two, you have to listen to Bobby Marks and Adrian Wojnarowski on the last 20 minutes of The Vertical. They talk about the Nets strengths and weaknesses. It is frank and knowledgeable and really good. That's the pro assessment.  If you want a different perspective, try Danny LeRoux of Sporting News. He looks at short-term fixes, which few want to talk about.  And if you want a former beat writer's ideas, there's always Howard Beck of Bleacher Report who pins the blame squarely on Mikhail Prokhorov.

Here's some others as well. Shaun Powell of, a former Newsday columnist, says take a look at how the Knicks got out of their mess. Tom Ziller and Paul Flannery of SB Nation write about the value of patience. Dan Clayton of Basketball Breakdown starts off with always good advice, "Hire someone to run the team… and let them run the team." it's lengthy and has a lot of names. Brett Koremenos of RealGM offers a five step program that starts with determining if you want to keep Brook Lopez.  Local guy John Torenli of the Brooklyn Eagle says change has to start with changing the team's identity which he sagely notes is change itself.

We might try our hand at it, too.  Enjoy (we think).