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When Mikhail Prokhorov dismissed John Calipari's bid

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Nothing is for certain in the Nets future, but Mikhail Prokhorov sure seemed to dismiss the possibility that the $120 million man, John Calipari, will work for him.

First, Prokhorov said he wanted two people to do two jobs.

"Thank you for the question,: said Prokhorov. "My perception that there is some kind friendly contradiction between GM and the coach. I prefer to have like both, the general manager and the head coach. This is my view on this."

And Calipari wants both jobs, according to reports.

Prokhorv referred to Calipari as "coach," saying "Coach Cal is a great coach," possibly an indication of  his readiness to be an NBA GM.

And in the Kustok interview, he repeatedly referred to "the two people" and "the coach and the GM." He also said he needed coach and GM to work together.  Now a lot of wiggle room there.

But the coup de grace may have Cal's tweet that he was happy in Kentucky and not negotiating with anyone.

It hit Twitter minutes after Prokhorov said he preferred two people for the jobs of coach and GM.

Later, Calipari spoke to local media in Kentucky, where he has recruited the nation's No. 1 college recruiting class.

"I’m not worried about all this," he said. "I never do get worried about it. We’re doing well, and this is part of what happens when you’re doing well. And we just move on. Every year, (the NBA rumors) have been there, multiple times. And they don’t ever materialize."

Well, at $120 million, no wonder!

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Calipari's biggest advocate in the organization, Brett Yormark, told WFAN, that he hadn't spoken to his good friend about coaching "yet," admitting he knows it would take a lot to get him out of Kentucky.

So there it stands.