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Stein: Joe Johnson doesn't want a buyout

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

For Joe Johnson, at least, it still ain't that bad here.

Marc Stein reports in a series of tweets Monday that Joe Johnson has no desire to leave the Nets in a friendly buyout and the Nets' lack of general manager makes such a move unlikely.

Indeed, others are reporting that the Nets are unlikely to make any major moves at the deadline, which is still five weeks away, leaving the roster, cap space and draft situations to the next GM and coach. Johnson's decision to switch agents this summer from Arn Tellem, now with the Pistons, to Jeff Schwartz provoked rumors that Johnson, like another Schwartz client, Deron Williams, would try to push for a buyout. Without a buyout and a move to a contender, Johnson's streak of making the playoffs for eight straight years would end in April.