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It's officially crunch time for Mikhail Prokhorov, the Brooklyn Nets and their fans

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

An earthquake finally erupted inside Nets organization Sunday and we fans currently trapped at the epicenter of it all. At 10 a.m., Mikhail Prokhorov will meet with the media and try to stop the swaying and convulsing. It's unlikely one press conference, one day after, is going to do much to calm the earth below his and our feet.

The Brooklyn Nets came into New York over from New Jersey in effort to take the city from the Knicks. Here we are, four seasons in with the Nets moving onto a fifth (interim Tony Brown) and eventually sixth coach. It's the eighth coach in the last seven years.

They've won ONE playoff series since the transition to Brooklyn, despite spending record-setting amounts of money on rosters, head coaches and even assistant coaches!  Let's not forget they bought out Lawrence Frank for a reported $5 million.

It's disgraceful and incompetent on so many different levels.

Billy King is being re-assigned to "adviser." status. Along with Prokhorov, his architect of the Nets failed plans, Dmitry Razumov will be on hand in Brooklyn Monday to discuss the future of the team. His audience, on YES and the NBA TV network, will be us, the fans.

And the first step in moving on from this all, is for them to take (some) responsibility for this mess.

There's no more room for any mishaps. There's no room for picking the wrong coach or General Manager. The two former holders of the position will probably never own the same positions in the league again. No more quips or cult of personality. No more fun and games. Fans want accountability.

That and a reasonable hope that the next decisions must be the absolute right ones. Patience is required. Taking time and waiting for the right guy is absolutely necessary in this process, unlike the way they handled the hiring of Lionel Hollins after the power play from Jason Kidd.

Hollins was hired so quickly after Kidd's move to Milwaukee that neither Mikhail Prokhorov nor Dmitry Razumov met Hollins prior his being hired.

The Russians played such a large role in the Boston trade and Kidd hiring - both ultimate failures - so they put their full trust into Billy King to hire the right man. He hired Lionel Hollins, whose offense was built for failure in today's NBA day. It and his personality changed the way ownership viewed King. Hollins was his issue.

So now it's about hiring a General Manager, essentially a magician who's going to be able to lure in free agents to a sinking franchise. And whoever that General Manager is, needs to have FULL trust from ownership to hire the right coach and bring in a fitting personnel.

Brett Yormark wants longtime friend John Calipari in charge... real bad. But sources around the league say that giving Cal the keys isn't such a good idea. Another name that's been mentioned is RC Buford, the GM of the San Antonio Spurs. The Russians will be in town when Buford and the Spurs visit Barclays Center on Monday, But truth be told, neither are likely.

It's no longer about making the ‘sexy' splash at GM or coach, but rather a person that is going to do his job and miraculously save this franchise, now or at least for the future. No more five-year plans or overspending on players. No more panic moves.

And please, no more hiding when times get tough. The remaining fans deserve more.

What matters now is  starting to recover a missing fanbase, us. The Nets are 28th in the league in attendance and they aren't the new ‘trendy' team in town. The ratings, already the worst in the NBA, are being further hurt by a disagreement the Nets have no control of.

The equation is simple: If you lose, you don't make any money. You don't have any fans. You are irrelevant.

So with that, it's time to get back to being the Nets. Not the team trying to steal Knick fans. Be the Nets, a proud underdog team that's won 11 playoff series to the Knicks' one since the year 2000.

Get back to what matters most and fix this mess that started because of a rushed plan to force greatness.