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Chad Ford: Billy King is (possibly) the worst GM in the history of the NBA

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The Brooklyn Nets ownership isn't quite ready to part ways with Billy King -- at least not officially -- though they no longer are paying him to act as the team's General Manager. After Sunday's "reassignment," our Anthony Puccio looked back at King's tenure as the team's GM, both the good and the bad, but no member of the media has been as harsh of a critic of Billy King as ESPN's Chad Ford.

After the reassignment, Ford went as far to say that King is in the running as one of the worst General Managers in the history -- yes, HISTORY -- of the NBA.

He wrote of the team's decision:

Chad Ford, ESPN Insider: Great move. But about three to four years too late. King's in the running for the worst GM in the history of the NBA. That he survived as long as he did is a testament to how out of touch owner Mikhail Prokhorov really was, especially in understanding how to actually build a contender in the NBA.


Ford also places blame on owner Mikhail Prokhorov, in that he handed the keys to King and was just as responsible for signing off on the moves. He doesn't, however, blame Lionel Hollins all that much -- since he was given a terrible roster, in his assessment -- and says that the only person who understood the ship was sinking was Irina Pavlova.

Ford: It starts at the top. Prokhorov wanted the Nets to be instant contenders and empowered King to do what he did. He also refused to listen to the one person in the organization who seemed to understand that thing were going terribly wrong organizationally -- Irina Pavlova.

Still, that doesn't excuse King. He was charged with building a contender. Almost every choice he made turned out to be a bad one -- including trades, free agent signings and hires. Prokhorov hired King to be the expert and he was anything but.

Each of the ESPN NBA Insiders agree that Nets are in trouble, and there's no easy way out. Ford, as you can see/imagine, had the harshest assessment of the team's current situation. That, however, doesn't mean things are bad here. Like, really, really bad.

Meanwhile, Mike Mazzeo wrote this...

Perplexed people around the NBA had been asking the same question for a long time now.

How is Billy King still the general manager of the Brooklyn Nets?

As of Sunday, after 5½ seasons filled with one franchise-crippling transaction after another, he isn't.