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Yahoo!: Billy King's new job is to help the Nets find his replacement

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On Sunday morning we learned that the Brooklyn Nets had fired head coach Lionel Hollins and that GM Billy King has been reassigned. For most of the day, however, no one was really sure what it meant for King to be reassigned and what his new role with the team would be, other than the fact that he had been removed from the team's directory on the website.

Now, Adrian Wojnarowski is shedding a little light on what King's new role with the team will be.

After his dismissal as Brooklyn Nets general manager, Billy King's reassignment is expected to include advising ownership on its search for King's successor, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

As Woj notes, it's an interesting gig, since it was Nets ownership that "pushed" King out.

Still, as we wrote earlier, it's not as if the Nets had any parting shots for King. In fact, they showed him great respect for his service during his tenure as the team's General Manager. He's still held in high regard by ownership and management, alike.

Wojnarowski also mentions Nets CEO Brett Yornark as one of the individuals who will have a key role in finding King's replacement.