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2016 NBA Draft

The (ironic) medical journey of Caris LeVert

Caris LeVert, Isaiah Whitehead get votes, but no love in All-Rookie

Caris LeVert was best kept secret of Nets 2016 off-season, and y’all didn’t like it

LeVert, Whitehead switch places on Rookie Ladder

The short Nets career of one Yogi Ferrell

Whitehead, LeVert keep their rungs on Rookie Ladder

Nets rookies getting recognition ... slowly

A busy time in Brooklyn: Isaiah Whitehead plays the game, serves Coney Island

Nets: Caris LeVert available to play Monday

Marks job: "Creating a battleship from scrap metal"

Sean Powell has written the assessment of the Nets off-season. It's not good. Unlike pundits like Chad Ford, he's not assigning a letter grade or forecasting a won-loss record. He just thinks the Nets have the worst roster in the NBA

ESPN on Nets players ... good, bad and ugly

No more win projections for Kevin Pelton. The ESPN stats guy has moved on to individual projections and has an encyclopedia of all 18 Nets players, from Jeremy Lin to Beau Beech, breaking down their offensive and defensive games.

LeVert could be "steal of the draft" IF healthy

Word is that Caris LeVert is doing well in the rehab and daily grind at the HSS Training Center, which is great news for the Nets, who did after call give up Thaddeus Young to get him (and a future second rounder).

Did Nets have a better off-season than Knicks?

There have been a lot of off-season and free agency grades. David Aldridge thinks the Nets had the worst off-season and most of those who ranked them noted two things: they missed on Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe, but didn't make any dumb moves.

How much do Nets like Isaiah Whitehead? A lot!

One of the under-the-radar stories of the off-season is how much the Nets realllly like Isaiah Whitehead.

As Coney Island celebrates, Whitehead gives back

LeVert: "I have a pretty complete game"

We don't know the specifics of Caris LeVert's rehab. At last week's press conference, he said he had just started running on the treadmill and both he and the Nets staff expect and hope he'll be ready for the start of training camp in two months.

Jeremy Lin opens up to J. J. Redick

On Wednesday, in between the press conference and Open House, Jeremy Lin talked by phone with J.J. Redick, who in addition to playing shooting guard for the Clippers is an interviewer (and quite the good one) at Adrian Wojnarowski's "The Vertical."

NetsDaily Free Agency Roundtable

The Nets might be a whole new team, but NetsDaily has the same set of writers answering the pressing questions following Brooklyn's eventful offseason

Brooklyn Nets transformed

It's been six months since Mikhail Prokhorov fired Lionel Hollins and "reassigned" Billy King. and five since the Nets hired Sean Marks. There's little left that's recognizable,starting with the practice facility and carrying over to roster and staff

LeVert expected back by training camp

Cris LeVert won't be playing in the summer league which starts this weekend. He's still recovering from foot surgery last March, But Kenny Atkinson told reporters Thursday he expects LeVert will be fine by Nets training camp.

LeVert wants to be back "within next couple months"

In an interview with, the Michigan news site, Caris LeVert spoke of how he expected to drafted high, but that he doesn't want to put a "firm date" on what he'll be back on court, other than "the next couple months."

Yogi Ferrell's fit with the Nets

Reed Wallach spoke with Nets Summer League player Yogi Ferrell and thinks that he is the exact player the Nets should develop as they enter a rebuild.

Marbury: Nets signed Lin to attract Asian market

Stephon Marbury tweets out his thoughts on Jeremy Lin and the Nets ... and it should be noted, PeaceStar hasn't lost his touch at controversy.

Hello Brooklyn! Nets Introduce Isaiah Whitehead

The Brooklyn Nets held a press conference for Isaiah Whitehead -- the first Brooklynnite to ever play for the team, Tuesday in Coney Island.

Hello Brooklyn, Hello Coney Island, too

The Nets will hold their introductory press conference for Isaiah Whitehead Tuesday afternoon not at Barclays Center, not at the HSS Training Center but at the Nets Shop on Coney Island, a long three-pointer from Whitehead's home.

Is McCullough the big winner of Draft Night?

The biggest winner after Thursday's moves may not be Caris LeVert or Isaiah Whitehead but Chris McCullough. With the departure of Thaddeus Young, the Nets have one power forward under contract, McCullough.

Nets nab swingman Beau Beech for summer duty

How can you not root for a Florida native who goes by the name of Beau Beech? That's the name of the Nets latest summer league signing, a 6'9" swingman from North Florida who didn't get drafted Thursday, then signed for summer league with the Nets.

A Day at the NBA Draft via NetsDaily Snapchat

Give us a follow on Snapchat @ NetsDaily. We've updated pictures in the past from live events such as regular season games, press conferences, unveiling of the HSS, NBA Draft Lottery, NBA Draft, and many more.

Nets sign Yogi Ferrell to summer league deal

Yogi Ferrell, who many thought would go in the second round but went undrafted, has been signed to a summer league by the Nets. Mike Scotto confirmed reports that had circulated in Indiana, where Ferrell played for four years.

For Draftniks, Brooklyn Nets took a risk

and for most of them, that's a good thing. Nets got generally high praise for their picks of Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead

With cap space cache, can Nets lure free agents?

There was little appreciation last night for what very well could be the biggest news of the day: After the Thaddeus Young trade, and with some moves here and there, the Nets could be top three in cap space when free agency opens in a week.

Sean Marks 2016 NBA Draft Day Transcript/Audio

Sean Marks spoke to reporters after his first draft as Brooklyn Nets General Manager on Thursday, June 23.


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