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Islanders to go with the alternate black and white jerseys?

Sports Logos

It appears that as the New York Islanders are making their official move to Brooklyn that they also unveil a new logo, which will include a black and white alternate jersey. That, of course, goes well with their stepbrothers, the Brooklyn Nets, who also play in the Barclays Center and who also sport the black and white. says that the team will officially unveil their new logo and jersey color schemes on September 21. But, as is the Internet's way, we have a look at what the alternate jersey will look like, at least.

So, what do you think, Nets/Islanders fans? Do we like these jerseys or not?

I'm of the mind that it's pretty cool to see two teams sharing the same building rocking a similar color scheme, though I have no emotional attachment to anything Islanders related. Meaning, I could see why Islanders fans would be bothered by this. Still, I think it's pretty cool.