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When your owner teaches you about athleticism

They are the best athletes in the world. Ask Adam Silver. He'll tell you. But the 20 Brooklyn Nets gathered at the Nets training camp Wednesday watched as their 50-year-old owner showed them a thing or two about athleticism.

Mikhail Prokhorov came to Duke University to watch a bit of the team's scrimmage. Everyone knew that. Then he lined up his guys to instruct them in Tibetan Martial Arts. Yeah, Tibetan Martial Arts. None of them were a match for him in a routine that features large and small balls, some apparently excruciating positions and a whole lot of balance.

From watching this video by SB Nation's Adam Z. Porter and Connor Reid, it appears that Markel Brown and Shane Larkin, probably the team's two best athletes, did the best job. We're sure that others will later claim they did well, too.

"It’s only the first try," he said afterwards. "Imagine how I would look playing basketball? I would be clumsy. They are great athletes." And also, he has done this routine every day, for two hours, for five years.

In any event, whether the players ever master Tescao doesn't much matter. Training camp is about bonding, leavening all that physical exertion with some shared fun. Mikhail Prokhorov seemed to advance that cause. And no one got hurt in the process. Well, some egos may have been bruised.

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