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Brooklyn-born rapper pens new Brooklyn Nets theme song

First one of the Brooklyn Nets moves to Brooklyn, and now we learn that a Brooklyn-born rapper has written the team's theme song for the 2015-16 season on YES Network. Everything's coming up Brooklyn.

Rapper Torae was on Hot 97, talking about his relationship with the Nets and about how he not only wrote the new theme song for the 2015-16, but he also did the voice-overs for the commercials spots on YES.

He admits, however, that he is a New York Knicks fan -- can't blame the guy for not switching teams just because the team is local -- but he does represent Brooklyn and, as he said, he's never "fronted on the Nets."

"Everything about me is Brooklyn....but they just got here." No beef with that.

Nets talk starts around the 6-minute mark.