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With Brooklyn Nets over/under for wins now at 28.5, do you take the over?

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Matt Moore of CBS Sports, normally the bane of the Nets, has said some nice things about the Nets this summer.  He does not hate your team, and he continues the trend Tuesday by suggesting that the Las Vegas over/under for wins -- 28.5 -- is a bit much.

In both a story on CBS Sports and in a couple of tweets, Moore thinks the Nets are better than a bottom-feeder.  In fact, his defense of the Nets is his longest takeout on any NBA team's over/under fortunes.

Brooklyn Nets (28.5): Only six teams finished with less than 30 wins last season. Brooklyn lost Deron Williams and Mirza Teletovic, and added a lot of young players. But their starters (Jarrett Jack, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Joe Johnson, Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez) are established veterans outside of Bogdanovic. Here's the real kicker: They don't own their pick, so they have no reason to tank. If they get to the end of the season, they are unlikely to deal off Joe Johnson when they could have saved even more money by doing it this summer. I'll take the over, because as Joe Johnson said at media day Monday, "it's not that bad" there. But I don't feel good about it.

He basically tweeted the same message using "Hardwood Paroxysm"

The Nets seem happy to ignore the punditry and predictions, at least the players, anyway.  Thomas Robinson said on Media Day that he's already blocked Bleacher Report and that "Twitter is next and then Instagram." The coach, however, reads everything.  And don't you forget it.