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Brooklyn Nets beat writers talk about 2015-16 expectations

Brooklyn Nets Media Day kicked off with a little uncertainty, starting off with, well, what is the starting lineup going to look like and what will this team do without their franchise player, Deron Williams, running the point?

Some seem to think that this team has the ability to top-out and make the playoffs -- maybe the 7th or 8th seed -- while others see a scenario where it can spiral out of control. Still, what remains is that we don't know what will happen and we don't know quite yet what this Nets team is capable of.

Dexter Henry, of NetsDaily, was on hand at Media Day where he spoke to some of the folks who closest to this team, covering them for years, and asking them what they expect to see in the 2015-16 NBA season. Again, it's a mixed bag, but, if anything, all we know is what we don't know at this point! Right?

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