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Hello Brooklyn! Thaddeus Young moves to the borough

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Thaddeus Young, his wife Shekinah and their two sons moved from New Jersey to near the Brooklyn Bridge on the other side of the East River. In doing so, he's become the first Nets player to settle in the borough.

Where? Mike Mazzeo of ESPN is respecting their privacy, but the Youngs did give us a hint a couple of weeks ago...

As Mazzeo reports, Young and his wife wanted stability, both in picking the Nets and picking Brooklyn. (A $50 million contract helped both decisions.)

"I think the biggest thing was just getting my kids settled, because my son T.J. [age 5] is just starting school this year, so that was the main objective to just get him settled."

He also likes Brooklyn.  As his wife tweeted Sunday, "It's a festival every weekend in NYC/Brooklyn."

"It's a good environment. We like to come down and walk on the piers and walk on the bridges and stuff like that. Plus, the practice facility is gonna be in Industrial City [in February] so that's gonna be probably 10-15 minutes away from here, and like I said, Barclays Center is right up the street."

Let his teammates worry about the switch from East Rutherford to Industry City, he told Mazzeo. Will others follow? Rondae Hollis-Jefferson appears ready to make the move. Living in Brooklyn will be convenient starting in February, when the HSS Training Center opens.  In the 1950's, the Dodgers players lived in brownstone Brooklyn and even carpooled together. The salaries are bigger, the houses are bigger and so is the borough, but the hometown feel?  We'll see.