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Jarrett Jack: 'I'm ready to lead Brooklyn Nets'

Elsa/Getty Images

In an interview with Kat Przybyla, the Nets in-house beat writer (and social media guru), Jarrett Jack talked not so much about his court skills, but his leadership role, how he sees it, and why he thinks he can lead.

Jack, a 10-year veteran, is most likely the Nets starting point guard, replacing Deron Williams.  Both Billy King and Lionel Hollins endorsed him this week and now he's told Przybyla what he expects from himself.

"It’s about working hard first and foremost, having somebody, example-wise that they [the young players] can follow and when there are times that a vocal presence is necessary, being that too.

"You know, I’ve been in this League going on 11 years now, so I’ve seen things from all sides of the spectrum. Being able to help somebody personally or the team collectively is something that falls on me at this particular point and time."

Jack helped organize the Nets vets trip to Las Vegas to cheer on the summer league team, work with them in practice and take them to dinner. It was a valuable bonding experience.

"We’re a part of this whole thing, from the moment it starts in the summer, preparing for this thing in the fall and taking it all the way into the marathon of an 82-game season. Going down there, showing those young guys support, to understand that they have us behind them is the foundation we’re trying to lay here."

Jack will get his chance starting this week when, as he says, the Nets will be in "one building," and able to "mesh."