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As training camp opens, questions abide and abound for Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

That's "abide," meaning they won't go away ... for a while ... and "abound," meaning there are a lot of them as Media Day Monday signals the beginning of training camp.  The Nets, as they did in 2013, will split camp between Duke --the first five days and their New Jersey practice facility ... with one day of open practice in Brooklyn thrown in.

Tim Bontemps and Rod Boone, who are likely to be the only beat writers to attend the Duke sessions, take a look Sunday at the questions.  For Bontemps, the Nets should adopt the old Brooklyn Dodgers' slogan, "Wait till next year!"

There are 82 games to play until July 1, 2016, but that’s the date the Nets are clearly focused on. That’s when — for the first time since moving to Brooklyn — they will have the ability to shop at the top of the market, thanks to what could be close to $40 million in cap space.

This year? Not so much hope, writes the Post beat. Still he notes that the Nets will test the limits of "chemistry and harmony" and essentially hope that "addition-by-subtraction" trumps analytics. One big positive, the team's "biggest health concern" is not, for the first times in three years, Brook Lopez. Rather, it's rookie Chris McCullough, who Billy King said is likely to play the latter part of the year.

Rod Boone lists three questions -- Is their collection of point guards good enough to get it done? Can Bargnani remain healthy and actually be a key contributor? and "what's the plan for Chris McCullough?  Overall, though, he, too, suggests this is a development year, a big change from the past.

There won't be many whispers about Father Time eventually beating the Nets down or punchlines depicting them as a collection of dinosaurs.

Still, inside the team, the coaching staff and front office will say privately that they believe the team will be better than predictions. There is, as one player told a friend, a "different feeling" about this team.  Won't be long before we know.