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In Training Camp Power Rankings, Nets in mid 20's

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Now that ESPN's Kevin Pelton and Chad Ford have pushed the Nets all the way down to No. 30 in FUTURE Power Rankings, Marc Stein is looking at the PRESENT and thinks they're no better than No. 26.  Hey, small favors.

Stein's rankings are one of two out this week.  AOL, too, ranks the Nets in the 20's, at No. 24.

Stein writes...

Dramatically slashing its tax bill largely makes the new season a win already. What awaits on the floor, however, also will slice deeply, because Brooklyn looks headed for a slide after frankly sneaking into last season's playoffs largely on the strength of that fortuitous 10-2 mark in games decided by three points or fewer.

Hey, there's something positive we weren't aware of!

AOL's John Dorn is a bit more optimistic, writing that development can be positive.

Whether they like it or not, this season will be about development for Brooklyn. With Johnson's massive $25 million salary coming off the books next summer, the team will then finally be able to reboot. In the meantime, though, they can help by seeing what they already have in Larkin, Hollis-Jefferson, Robinson, Brown and other young pieces.

Expect a lot more this week as camps open.