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Lionel Hollins impressed with Brook Lopez's "attitude and effort"

Harry How/Getty Images

Lionel Hollins was on SiriusXM NBA on Monday and spoke about what's been seeing as his players work out in East Rutherford before training camp.  He talked about Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, and the team's "credo" going into next week ... and the season.  Mike Mazzeo took a listen.

On Lopez, Hollins sees a different player, one ready to lead....

As for reports that Joe Johnson, the NBA's second highest player, is in decline, Hollins admitted he may not be an All-Star, but he's still someone who can't be dismissed.

As for his coaching style, Hollins said some get it, some don't.

The coach's message, as always, is team.

Finally, the coach talked about his big achievement in the off-season.

Hollins has one advantage over last season: More than half the 19-man roster has experience playing for him, now what to expect from day one: the seven players returning from last year's team plus three guys who played for him, as either assistant or head coach in Memphis. That's Dahntay Jones, Wayne Ellington and Willie Reed