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Saturday Night Live ... Thaddeus Young visits East Rutherford


No one has East Rutherford, NJ, on their list of Saturday night hot spots.  Well, other than Thaddeus Young.  This Saturday night, Young, accompanied by his personal trainer and skills coach, James Harvey, decided to take advantage of the open door policy at the Nets training facility to get some work in.

Young recorded their arrival, posting the video at 9:13 p.m.

Then, Harvey worked individually with Young in the empty gym ... simple things, part of what Harvey called Young's "striving for greatness," using the hashtag #FullPotential.

Thaddeus Young late night workouts. #BrooklynNets #FullPotential

A video posted by James Harvey Jr (@james_harvey_ii) on

Part 2. Thaddeus Young striving for greatness. #BrooklynNets #FullPotential

A video posted by James Harvey Jr (@james_harvey_ii) on

And this being the Young family, Mrs. Young figured she'd work on some of her hoop skills, too.

Late night

A video posted by Shekinah Young (@mrs__young33) on

They were there for about an hour, Young tweeting at 10:29 pm. that he had just finished up.

Oh yeah, he did again Sunday night.

Gym Life #nets #brooklyn #brooklynnets

A video posted by Shekinah Young (@mrs__young33) on

That's what a training facility is supposed to be about.  ... not just a 9-to-5 location, but a place with 24-hour access for those who, even on the spur of the moment on a Saturday night, decide this or that skill could benefit from that one extra hour on the court.