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Chris McCullough shows off new apartment

Chris McCullough is a city kid. He grew up in the South Bronx, in the projects. So when it came to setting up his own digs, the 20-year-old decided he wanted more and better space ... but didn't want a suburban setting. So he moved his family into an apartment high above the city.

McCullough invited Bleacher Report to his place high above the Hudson on the Jersey side, talked about how proud he is to be the first hometown kid to join the Nets and what he liked about his new home. Then he took the Bleacher Report producer on a food run back to the old neighborhood. Gotta have that Jamaican food. The story is part of BR's "Take it to the House" series on pro athletes' homes. (And no, there was no discussion of when he will return to court.)

McCullough looks like he'll stay in Jersey after the Nets head to Brooklyn in February, unlike fellow rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who thinks the borough may be the way to go. Oh, those Manhattan rents!