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Did Markel Brown just show off a 54" vertical?!?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

For the last several weeks, Markel Brown and the Nets new strength and conditioning coach, Trevor St. Agathe, have been offering tips on how to get fit. In their weekly segment, "Workout Wednesday,"  Brown showed how to use a number of tools and drills, and St. Agathe explained how they can help a player's development.

Fine, fine.

But in the latest episode, something extraordinary happens. Brown and St. Agathe introduce us to the Box Jump, in which St. Agathe piles up cushioned boxes and has Brown try to jump atop them

"It's helpful for low body explosiveness," St. Agathe explains, "and the guy can jump out of the gym."

After some decent jumps, St. Agathe adds one more box.  From a running start, Brown lands atop the pile.  St. Agathe does the measurement.

"Fifty four," St. Agathe says, laughing. Brown just smiles.  Us, too. For the record, Brown measured 43.5" at last year's Pre-Draft Combo.