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Chris Mannix: Brooklyn Nets get "B" in off-season moves

Brooklyn Nets

Writing for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix gives the Nets a positive grade in his assessment of off-season moves made by Atlantic Division teams, ranking them (and the Knicks) second, behind the Raptors.

In giving the Nets a B, Mannix likes just about everything they did this summer other than letting Mirza Teletovic go.  He also has questions about Mason Plumlee for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.  In general, Mannix likes Billy King' and ownership's strategy.

After years spent trying to buy a championship, the Nets have pivoted to a more traditional approach...

The Nets, finally, are more patiently rebuilding; this offseason was a solid start...

Brooklyn did a nice job bargain shopping, signing Shane Larkin (who, if allowed to push the ball, can be effective), Andrea Bargnani, Thomas Robinson, and Wayne Ellington. None are impact players but one or two could be in Lionel Hollins rotation. First round pick Chris McCullough likely won’t play this season, but Brooklyn is OK with that; if he debuts in 2016–17, he will effectively be the first rounder in ’16 that they don’t have.

Meanwhile, NBC Sports Kurt Helin answers the question, "Can Brooklyn tread water, make playoffs again?" The answer is that it's possible but unlikely, mainly because the Nets point guard situation is, "one of the worst ... in the NBA."  It doesn't end there, Helin writes...

A lot of other things need to go right if the Nets are going to hang around .500 and make the playoffs again. They need to find some defensive stoppers and become committed on that end (they were bottom 10 on defense last season). They need Joe Johnson to stay healthy and return to vintage form (in the last year of his contract). They need Lopez to stay healthy. They need Bojan Bogdanovic to have a breakout season.

Bottom line: 'it’s going to be a long road, not a quick fix. And it’s going to mean missing the playoffs a few times."

Well, at least he didn't call the roster "putrid" or the team "pocket lint."