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Nets Social Media Watch Pt. 2: Who's IN the Gym?

Social Media gives us another inside look at who's been in the Nets' East Rutherford practice facility.

On Tuesday, we put together a jumble of pictures/videos consisting of who's been in the gym through their personal (or Brooklyn Nets) social media platforms. Media Day is September 28 and just one day later, the Nets are headed to Billy King's alma mater Duke for the first days of training camp, September 29 - October 3.

Basketball is quickly approaching.

This time, we get a glance at who's in the gym together weeks before Training Camp from the Brooklyn Nets twitter account. Coaches and/or front office aren't allowed to organize the team until camp begins, so this is on the players to get themselves in the gym. The Nets have a ton of guys with a lot to prove, so this year's Training Camp/Preseason should be interesting.

They tweeted this first: "Feels good to be home."

Looks like Donald Sloan (bottom right), Thomas Robinson and Quincy Miller boxing out, a peep of Brook Lopez, Rondae Hollis Jefferson (FT line) and Willie Reed. Also looks like Jarrett Jack is shooting, but he said he won't be in the gym until September 15. Turned out to be the newest acquisition, Dahntay Jones.

Appears like Wayne Ellington is there, too. In the last segment of "Who's been in the gym," Ellington & Lopez had not been seen in pictures or videos at the practice facility. To be fair, Brook Lopez doesn't have social media (as far as we know).

Willie Reed even updated us on his Instagram. First with a video captioned: "Brooklynnnn". The big fella is excited to be a Brooklyn Net after a tough journey getting here. He's had stints with four D-League teams, played in five different countries, and five different NBA teams in the summer league. He's never seen a minute. Now he's getting his biggest chance with a 1-year, $500,000 guaranteed contract.


A video posted by Willie Reed (@showtimereed33) on

Man I'm so blessed and I Thank God everyday for life, my family, and for allowing me to live out my dream!!

A photo posted by Willie Reed (@showtimereed33) on

Always good to see players like Reed make it. And of course, good for the Nets to see the team working out together weeks before training camp.

Among the non-basketball activities was some video and image work, including a Christmas video featuring Reed,  Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Markel Brown.

<img src="" alt="" />

We guess that means Reed and Brown, both of whom are partial guaranteed deals, will be around for the holidays.

Now we're just waiting to see Bojan BogdanovicAndrea Bargnani, both playing in the 2015 EuroBasket. Croatia & Italy have clinched spots to the second round, but Bogdanovic has struggled since his concussion. Seems like he isn't fully healed just yet.