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Sneakerhead Shane Larkin is excited to be in Brooklyn

Of the many offseason moves made by the Brooklyn Nets, bringing in backup point guard Shane Larkin seems to be among the least talked about. Again, maybe it's because there are so many to keep track of -- from losing Deron Williams, to locking up Brook Lopez longterm to bringing in a guy like Wayne Ellington. Still, Larkin will look to provide some nice depth at the point guard position that many seem to be discounting in early September.

Larkin sat down with Brett Pollakoff of Sporting News to talk about his transition to the Brooklyn Nets, the upcoming season and, of course, sneakers -- because if you sit down with Brett, you're definitely going to talk sneakers!

On his decision to sign with the Nets:

At the end of the day, the Nets situation was the most appealing for me, just because of the way they play. Their style of play really fits my game well, and I like the New York area. I like being in the city. So staying up here was definitely a plus, and just the opportunity that the Nets presented me with — what Billy King was telling me, what coach Hollins was telling me, how they want me to play, what they want me to do for the team — it just put everything over the top. That’s pretty much why I decided to stay in New York and play for the Nets.

Yes, the Nets are indeed looking to get up and down the court a bit quicker this season, which should suit Larkin nicely.

On this Brooklyn team:

I think we have a good group. Joe Johnson, Jarrett Jack, (Brook Lopez), (Thaddeus Young), all those guys are already proven and you pretty much know what you’re going to get from them every night. Then you have young guys like me, (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson), Wayne Ellington is still kind of young, so I think it’s a good group of guys and I think we’ll mesh well together.

The Nets will begin the full meshing process on September 29th when camp begins.

For conversation on his sneaker collection, make sure to check out the full piece on Sporting News.  Here's one thing: for color coordination purposes, he prefers the Nets black-and-white to the Knicks' orange-and-blue. Who doesn't?