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For Jarrett Jack, "No way" dire predictions come true

Elsa/Getty Images

Jarrett Jack was out in the Hamptons Tuesday for the Nets annual basketball clinic, and of course he was asked about all the dire predictions about the Nets season -- most of which hold him in minimal high regard.

"I don't really look into it, I don't put any stock into it," Jack told a small group of reporters at the Southampton Recreation Center. "These opinions or whatever- I don't know what they're formed off of. But clearly there's no way to say they're going to be accurate. So what's the point in really reading into it?"

Jack of course was referring to the majority of opinion on the Nets upcoming season. ESPN and others have relegated the Nets to the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

The point guard said he doesn't even think the predictions are good bulletin board material, but he admitted coming into training camp with a chip on your shoulder is a good thing.

"I like for everybody to come in with a chip on their shoulder," Jack said. "This is my 11th year and I always have one on my shoulder. It's something I constantly feel like I (have) to prove to myself...

"When the season comes and I have my opportunities to go out there and show them that I believe different … that’s the response. You don’t have to respond to it, because your play is going to be the response to whatever they think."

As for the critiques of his game, Jack was equally dismissive.

"I've started in New Orleans," he said. "And I've had countless other times- I started in Toronto. I've started in a few places so we're just going to have to wait and see. Just answering questions is not going to show or prove anything on my behalf, so I'm just waiting until I can show and prove."