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Brooklyn Nets get new neighbors at Barclays Center

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

No, not the Islanders, but the bees!

The New York Times reports Sunday that the green roof atop Barclays Center, which is almost finished, has attracted swarms of them off and on since the green roof was installed starting this spring.

"The bees were an unexpected, amazing side effect" of the roof project, Ashley Cotton, a vice president of Forest City Ratner told the Times.

"[T]here’s been so much reporting that I’ve read about declining bee populations, but I had no sense that we would be a home for these bees. We were hearing from the construction workers. They were telling us, ‘You wouldn’t believe it, but there are all these bees up here.’".

The 34,000 green trays of sedum installed atop the arena are flowering and have attracted Brooklyn's bee population. There doesn't appear to be any danger the bees will make into the arena proper ... or the locker rooms.  But if they did, maybe "Killer Bees" would make a neat nickname for the Brooklyns.