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For Brooklyn Nets' Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Chris McCullough, a week of initiation


Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Chris McCullough have a few distinctions already.  They are the youngest Nets since Derrick Favors was traded away in 2011. McCullough, a Bronx native, will be the first New Yorker to play for Brooklyn. And RHJ is just on! All the time.

On Saturday, they and the other first round picks gathered at Madison Square Garden for the NBA's annual rookie photo shoot.  Rondae was among the stars, his enthusiasm continually on display

Chris McCullough, the more reserved of the two, was simply wowed by the latest souvenir of his NBA career.

Motivational use only.. How Dope is it to have your own trading card after years of collecting them! #nbarooks

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The big news re McCullough was his action photo...

Elevation is good.

Earlier in the week, McCullough and Hollis-Jefferson spent time, along with the third youngest Net, Sergey Karasev, working out with some sixty kids at the Nets summer basketball camp on the Barclays Center practice court.

"We’re out here at camp to have fun with the kids and enjoying ourselves," said McCullough. "I love it. The kids are real funny and asking me a lot of questions I never heard before; ‘what size shoe do you wear? How tall are you? How long is my arm? Have I ever been dunked on?’ Stuff like that."

"Being here with the kids says a lot about the community," Hollis-Jefferson added. "People want to see what kind of person you are; are you genuine? Do you really care? And for us, we really care."