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Up, Up, Up ... progress continues at HSS Training Center

The HSS Training Center has reached its full height --adding a new floor with a projected 34-foot clearance -- to Building 19 at 168 39th Street in Industry City. It's called "topping off" and its a big milestone for the $45 million training center which is on schedule for opening early next year.

Contractors built the steel framework above the old roof on the building's eighth floor and has been installing the roof panels. After that, electrical work and painting will take place... and baskets will be hung from the ceiling. Once that's done, the old roof will be removed to give the court the full three stories of vertical space, tall enough to accommodate even the highest arching jump shot ... or wildest errant pass. The installation of the courts, complete with Nets logos and herringbone pattern, will be the final piece.

Although it's six months from being complete, the HSS facility is now on every free agent and draft pick's tour of Brooklyn.

NetsDaily gallery courtesy of Irina Pavlova who as president of ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment is in charge of the operation.