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Nets fans: You can be a part of the 2015-16 Brooklyn Nets marketing campaign!

Hey Brooklyn Nets fans, you can be a part of the Nets' 2015-16 marketing campaign. Just head over to Barclays Center on Friday, August 7, from 12:00-7:30 PM for a special photo shoot.

Here are the full details:

Join us on Friday, August 7th for a Photo Shoot at the Nets Shop by adidas at Barclays Center between the hours of 12:00pm – 7:30pm for an opportunity to be featured in the Brooklyn Nets 2015-16 Marketing campaign!

If you would like to participate, come down during the hours of the shoot. Fan imagery could be incorporated into Nets marketing collateral and advertisements throughout the 2015-16 season. No sign up is required.

Come as you are or in Nets gear, either way, get your photo taken!

Enjoy a 2 for $30 deal while you’re there. 2 Shirts or 2 Hats or 1 Shirt/1 Hat for $30. There will be giveaways while supplies last.

This seems pretty cool. If you go, let us know -- tweet at us, we'd love to share your experience.

Also, Raptors fans, you should probably be ready to do something like this, too, when the team's marketing department decides to copy it. Sick burn!