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Brooklyn Nets officially SMH over Toronto Raptors' new uniforms

Brooklyn Nets/Errol Anderson

First it was the logo, which even Raptors fans thought was too similar to the Nets. And who could blame them?

Then it was the uniforms... black-and-while with basic block lettering. Sound familiar?  But it was topped off when Drake, the Raptors "ambassador," took to the stage, wearing the most Nets-like of the Raptors new uniform jerseys.

It was all too much for Anthony Puccio of the ND staff.

ELone, a long-time season ticket holder, had his fun, too.

And we may have snarked just a bit, as well...

But who knew the Nets official account would do the same with a reminder of how the Nets introduced THEIR new jersey back in 2012.

Of course it wasn't the first time the Nets had dissed Drake.

<img src="" alt="" />

And remember, Drake, Jay-Z is NOT Meek Mill.