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Andrea Bargnani, like teammate Bojan Bogdanovic, will play in Eurobasket

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Bojan Bogdanovic and Andrea Bargnani gave Nets fans a bit of a scare at the end of the week, both having to leave games in Europe with ankle injuries, Bogdanovic's right and Bargnani's left.  But by the weekend, doctors had cleared both for play in Eurobasket next weekend.

Bogdanovic, injured Thursday, sat out Friday's game in Zagreb, Croatia, and after examination, it was determined he wasn't badly hurt and could resume (light) workouts Monday.  Bargnani, injured Friday in Trieste, Italy, had an MRI Saturday and doctors cleared him as well.

Bargnani fell awkwardly after blocking a shot in the first quarter of Italy's "friendly" game vs. Georgia.  He left under his own power appeared to be only limping slightly as he left the court.

Sportando, the Italian-based European hoops site, tweeted it out just before noon.

Quoting "sources," Sportando said the seven-footer will play "regularly" in Euobasket.  Later, the Italian basketball federation described the injury as a "mild ankle sprain."