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Restaurant, Sneakers+Breakfast Bar latest additions to Barclays Center neighborhood

shake shack

Last season, the big, new attraction near Barclays Center was a Shake Shack, which seems to be doing well across Flatbush.  This season, a thus-far unnamed restaurant next door may be the big addition.

Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report writes today that the restaurant is seeking a liquor license Monday night at 166 Flatbush to the west of Shake Shack.

A little further east on Flatbush, at No. 233, between Bergen and Dean streets, the high-end sneaker shop, Kith, is reopening this week after a renovation that will give it a unique look ... a breakfast bar.  As TimeOut reported earlier this month, it's Kicks + Kix.

[T]he store will sell much more than shoes and apparel. Soon, in addition to your fashion needs, you can also satisfy that craving for sweet, crunchy breakfast-y goodness.

At the cereal bar, called KITH EATS, customers can grab up to three servings per order, complete with specialty milk and toppings. With two-dozen cereal options, 30 different toppings and 10 types of milk at the self-serve counter...

As we noted last week, the arena neighborhood isn't just about sporting events and concerts. A number of high rises are also going up, with a lot of residents in need of trendy retail.