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Howard Beck: Joe Johnson could be on the block ... but when

Howard Beck talks to Bleacher Report's Stephen Nelson about three big name players who could be on the block "by Opening Night," in Nelson's words, and one of them is Joe Johnson.

"I don't expect that he will be moved," Beck starts off, then adding, "but Joe Johnson's name has been bandied about the last couple of years. partially because of his contract, partially because the Nets just weren't getting anywhere with the group they had. You've already seen them cut ties with Deron Williams."

Where might Johnson go, if traded? Beck doesn't lay out specifics, but has an idea what kind of team might want him.

"Joe Johnson, while no longer than leading man at this stage of his career, would be a great role player for some team as a short term investment," said Beck. "He's a free agent next summer. I can see him fitting in with any number of teams that expect to make a deep playoff run and the Nets are in a pseudo rebuild right now.

"So for the right offer, I could absolutely see Joe Johnson being moved," Beck adds, but puts no timeframe on any possible deal.

Of course, there were rumors earlier in the summer about Johnson and the Cavaliers and Johnson and the Grizzlies, with neither reaching the serious stage. The Nets, as Beck noted, don't appear to be "eager" to move the 6'8" swingman.

The other two Beck pinpoints are Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins, with Melo the more likely of the two.