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ESPN has more bad news for Nets ... and Knicks

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If you're a Nets fan and you'd like another poke in the eye, we can help.  Or more precisely, ESPN can.

Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton let us know that the two New York teams have no picks, no chance at high lottery picks, next season -- even though both are, in ESPN's analytic mind, unlikely to make the playoffs.

After Ford calls the lost Knicks pick -- traded away for Andrea Bargnani -- "devastating," Pelton argues the Nets situation is worse than the Knicks for two reasons...

In some ways, I think Brooklyn's lost pick might be more painful. Although the Nets at least got something out of their trade with Boston, New York is done giving up first-round picks after this season. Brooklyn still has a swap option with the Celtics in 2017 and is giving them a first-round pick outright again in 2018.

Making matters worse, I actually think the forecast panel has it wrong. I expect the Nets to be the weaker of the two teams in the Big Apple this season, meaning there's a good chance they send a top-five pick to Boston. How much can that jump start the Celtics' move from good to great?

Ford agrees...

The Nets don't really have one young building block on their roster -- though I do like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson -- and look like a lottery team. I had them finishing 13th, with only the Knicks and Sixers worse. That should give the Celtics a top-five pick.

It should be noted that Ford had a different view of RHJ on Draft Night, when he gave the Nets an A- ..

[I]n Hollis-Jefferson, the Nets got the most underrated player in the draft. Hollis-Jefferson can defend three to four positions, is a terrific athlete, a solid playmaker and a great teammate.

And so it goes.