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Barclays Center going to look quite different when Brooklyn Nets return

Tom Kaminski/WCBS Chopper 880

Get ready for a new look at the Nets arena this October: a green roof but a lot of scaffolding as apartment towers continue to rise around Barclays Center. How long will the construction go on in the area?  Try 2025.

Barclays Center will have a new roof --green-- and new neighbors, a 33-story tower that's finally rising above the arena roof line and a 23-story companion around the corner that's just starting to go up. It's part of Pacific Park, the rebranded megaproject long known as Atlantic Yards

As Tom Kaminski of WCBS Chopper 880 showed this morning, the green roof, actually 34,000 two feet by two feet boxes of sedum, is nearly complete.  Also visible in the picture is the 33-story apartment tower, what used to be called B2, now 461 Dean Street. It was supposed to be the first of three modular towers, but it now looks like it will be the only prefab on the arena block.

Around the corner can be seen the construction preps for 38 Sixth Avenue, the 23-story apartment tower, also residential. It was And next to it, a sunken foundation for a 53-story tower, which will begin to rise in 2017. Ultimately, the two towers will bookend the Dean Street entrance. The arena entrance will look something like this ... assuming a .50+ story office building doesn't get built, as originally planned, on the plaza.

Further down Dean, two other residential towers are also underway, the 18-story 535 Carlton Street, which will be an apartment tower, and the 17-story 550 Vanderbilt, luxury condominiums. A third tower, the 26-story 615 Dean Street, all condos, will go up between them. A construction crane is being installed on the site by month's end. And along Dean Street, shielding the construction zone, will be an 820-foot long wall mural, painted by local artists.

When the project is completely, in about 10 years, there will be 15 towers.