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Jarrett Jack and Brooklyn Nets in transition

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrett Jack keeps getting grief from pundits and fans. By now, everyone can recite his +/- numbers by heart and they're not encouraging, we are told. .

In his Sunday column, The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn writes about Jack, the "journeyman" who's being called on to lead the Nets after Deron Williams was bought out.  He quotes the 31-year-old on how the burden now shifts to him and the other vets.

"No question, we’ve got to set the tone," Jack said of the veterans. "We want other people to understand what it means to be part of Brooklyn basketball. You can’t wait until October if you want to be a special team. There’s going to have to be things you sacrifice, your personal time, to become one of those teams."

Jack didn't define what a special team might look like, but there's evidence of his and others' commitment. In July, Jack was among seven veterans who traveled to Las Vegas to support the summer league team, cheering them on, taking them to dinner, practicing with them.  No NBA team had as many vets in Vegas.

"For us, it’s just having a simple belief in ourselves," Washburn quotes Jack. "Once we believe it, going out there and show and prove ... I’m happy and hopeful we’re able to jell."