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As other teams mimic Brooklyn, Nets logo named to top 10 among all sports

Brooklyn Nets

When the Raptors released their new logo last year, even Toronto fans were mystified about how their team could so mimic their then-heated rivals. It shouldn't have been a surprise. The Nets logo --and its gear-- have been among the NBA's best known and best selling since the team moved to Brooklyn.

Now, USA Today, in ranking all North American sports logos, puts the Nets in eighth place (second in the NBA to the Warriors). They're right behind the Kansas Jayhawk, designed by KU alumnus Walt Disney and ahead of the iconic New York Yankees' pinstripes. The Islanders, the Nets new tenant, finished 11th.

USA Today didn't offer commentary on their selections, but it did say it went through more than 300 logos from college and professional teams. In addition to choosing the 19 best current logos, it chose the best throwbacks.  The Cowboys' simple star was voted best current logo; the Washington Bullets the best throwback.