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Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers hardest to watch, says ESPN panel

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This is one of those "watchability" stories, where pundits put away their WARP and PRP and PER algorithms and offer personal opinions on what team --and what players-- will be the most and least watchable, that is, exciting to watch.

No surprise but the team with the lowest local TV ratings got two votes out of five in the ESPN survey, with two of the other three going to the Philadelphia 76ers, the team with the worst attendance and 127 losses the last two seasons. There was one (sorta) abstention.

Israel Gutierrez, a former Heat beat writer, can't get excited about the Nets...

This seems unnecessarily mean, but let's go with the Brooklyn NetsBrook Lopez isn't exactly dominating highlight packages. There are no especially intriguing rookies. Joe Johnson continues to waste away there. And, you know, there's Andrea Bargnani.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and the Nets might disagree with the rook being called "not especially intriguing," but time will tell on that one.

Kevin Pelton, who called the Nets roster, "likely lottery." last week, doesn't mince words this week on what it will be like watching them either, particularly the point guards.

At best, the Nets are a methodical, half-court team built around Lopez's skills in the post. And without Deron Williams, Brooklyn might have the league's weakest point guard rotation.

So hold off on your excitement.  You've been warned.

Two of the three other writers -- J.A. Adande and Amir Elhassan all went with the Sixers, but Marc Stein demurred, saying they have played hard whenever he's watched them.

Meanwhile, in yet another preseason analysis, Bleacher Report's Daniel Ferrara, writes the Nets were second to the Trail Blazers in helping themselves this summer.  "The Brooklyn Nets are lucky they don't have a legitimate fanbase because if they did, it would be pretty angry right now," notes Ferrara.