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Bojan: 'I expect whole new role next season'

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Bojan Bogdanovic is practicing with the Croatian national team this week but he took a moment to let his fans in Zagreb and Brooklyn know that he expects a bigger role with next season's Nets.

Writing on Facebook, he stated...

"I expect a whole new role, however not concerning the minutes spent on the court, but regarding ball allocation. I expect to have the ball more often in my possession, and thus a better season than the previous one."

Bogdanovic spoke Thursday at a press conference in the Croatian capital of Zagreb before Friday's "friendly" match between Croatia and Germany.

His remarks aren't that surprising. Although pundits have taken little notice of what the 6'8" shooting guard (with the 6'11" wingspan) can bring in his second year, the Nets have hinted that they liked what Bogdanovic did during the Nets playoff push, including Rookie of the Month honors in April.

As Ian Eagle told Chris Shearn last month...

"[R]emember Bojan Bogdanovic is part of this conversation. They expect improvement. They don't expect the Bojan Bogdanovic who was tentative at times last year, that was trying to figure out what his role was, trying to develop a niche in the NBA. It's a hard transition. We know that. By teh playoffs you saw the capabilities and the way he can take over games offensively. "

Indeed, during his April run, Bogdanovic averaged 14.4 points, shooting 52.6 percent overall, and 48.8 percent from three, including a 28-point final game the Nets needed to win if they were going to make the playoffs.