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Big questions about Brooklyn Nets schedule to be answered at 6 p.m.

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The NBA will unveil its regular season schedule this evening at 6 p.m. with a special on NBA TV. The schedule will be posted as well on

So what are the big "reveals" for Nets fans when it goes live?

--Opening Night.  Who will the Nets play opening night and will it be a home game?  If not, when's opening night at Barclays Center?

--Deron Williams return. For the second straight year, fans will want to know when a former point guard will return to Barclays for a boo-fest. Last year, it was Jason Kidd. This year, it's Deron Williams. Is this a good trend or a bad one, Jarrett Jack?  Other games where ex-Nets are likely to be greeted warmly: vs. Washington and Alan Anderson; vs. Phoenix and Mirza Teletovic and vs. Portland and Mason Plumlee.

--Battle of the Boroughs. Payback for "Big Tease" and "Tiny Hands?" That's how Phil Jackson described Andrea  Bargnani and Shane Larkin at season's end, according to an account by Jackson pal Charley Rosen. They play each other four times. The first one at home will matter most.

--Season's start. Can the Nets, with so many new players-- particularly on the bench-- start fast?  What's the schedule look like the first few weeks. The last two seasons, the Nets got off to bad starts, 9-16 two years ago, 10-15 last year. Can they reverse that trend?

--Back-to-Backs. Over the past several years, the Nets have played between 19 and 21 back-to-backs. Of last year's 19, not one was back-to-back at home. How many this year? Reports are that in recent drafts of the schedule the four games-in-five-nights have been eliminated.

--National TV Games. How many will TNT, ESPN and NBA TV broadcast.  Don't expect many, maybe a handful, maybe none, on TNT and ESPN.  The Nets played only four national TV games on the two networks, plus eight additional games on NBA TV last season.

--All-Star Break and Circus Trip. How long with the Nets be on the road at the All-Star Break? Last season, it was three weeks of road games, from February 7 through 28, broken up by the All-Star Break. This season, the Nets are likely to use that time away from home to move into the HSS Training Facility.

--Playoff Push? What's the end of regular season look like? Last season, it looked tough, and it looked tough when the Nets entered the final stretch, but they overcame it, with a little luck, and finished 13-6.  Of course, it's possible that Brooklyn might not be in a position to make a run ... or in good enough shape it doesn't need a final push.

Any other big questions out there?