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Thomas Robinson wants "Long-term relationship" with Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

Thomas Robinson wanted to be drafted by the Nets in 2012 ... But the Nets traded their pick to Portland. He thought he was headed to Brooklyn last February after he was waived by Denver but Philly swooped in and took him off waivers to get above the CBA "salary floor."

Now, he's on the roster, signed to a two-year vets' minimum deal with a player option. He told the Nets' Kathryn Przybyla he wants to stay ... For a while.

"I’m glad I’m finally here and hopefully we can make this a long-term relationship," he said. "This time I hope it’s for real."

Robinson had his best season last season. Philly gave him a chance and post-deadline, he averaged 8.8 and 7.7 in 18.5 minutes. He's expected to back up both Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young and play alongside Andrea Bargnani on the second unit.

"Thomas is an aggressive rebounder who will add a physical presence to our frontcourt," said Billy King, upon signing the 24-year-old.

The player option could be an ideal opportunity for T-Rob. The Nets should have $40 million in cap space and if Robinson plays well, the Nets could sign him to the long term deal he's looking for.  Last week, however, Fred Katz of Bleacher Report offered a critical assessment of Robinson that suggested he still has a long way to go.