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Brook Lopez was contacted by Jason Kidd but never seriously considered leaving

Brooklyn Nets

Today the Brooklyn Nets reintroduced the newly-signed duo of Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young to the media during a morning press conference and introduced the newly-acquired Shane Larkin and Thomas Robinson.

The foursome took the subway to the Barclays Center, had a nice photo op and then answered some questions from the media.

There was nothing too earth-shattering in the press conference, other than a few nuggets from Billy King and Brook Lopez.  King presaged the day's later signing of Willie Reed when he spoke about what he wanted to do before ending free agency...

"We need to add another big," Billy King said. "Maybe one or two more."

He also spoke about rumored deals with Cleveland and Memphis, seemingly putting more credence in the Grizzlies rumors, a trade of Joe Johnson for a number of Grizz role players.

"I think people are still saying I’m talking to Cleveland, I haven’t talked to Cleveland in four to five days," King said. "Chris Wallace, (Memphis GM). We had one conversation and there was never an official offer, but there was discussions with Memphis. But I think that’s what you have to do. I’ll call somebody and ask: would you move this guy, and they’ll say no. It’s not really a discussion, you probe."

As for long-term prospects for Johnson and Deron Williams, King was less than definite as to how long they will be with the club.

"I do expect these guys to be on the roster next year," King said. "Will they be there all year? I don’t know. Will all these guys be here next year? I don’t know. But the goal is to try to get together, mold it, and if we’ve gotta make moves, we’ll make moves."

King also joked about how Larkin, the former Knick, hadn't really played in the city yet, just Westchester (the home of the Nets training facility.)

Lopez mentioned that, yes, he was contacted by Jason Kidd about playing for the Milwaukee Bucks this summer, however he went on to say that there were no real serious considerations about leaving the Nets.

He did admit to Fred Kerber that he did think about going home.

"I thought for a split second it might be nice to go to California and go home but then I thought about it. I’ve been here for so long, this is home," Lopez said

Lopez was asked about his brother, who signed with the New York Knicks this summer and, well, had this to say about him:

Shane Larkin and Thomas Robinson will wear these numbers:

Shane Larkin is excited to be here:

Thomas Robinson talked about how he feels destiny had brought him to Brooklyn.

Thaddeus Young, um, doesn't want to ride the subway again:

But, more importantly, he wants to win a championship:

The press conference was a far cry from the last Nets free agency presser. In July 2013. Back then, the Nets were heralding the arrival of Andrei Kirilenko, 32; Paul Pierce, 34; Jason Terry, 35 and Kevin Garnett, 37. Thursday, the players were a decade younger and a lot less expensive.  And whereas Mikhail Prokhorov flew into the 2013 press conference aboard a Boeing Business Jet (and flew out that night), this year, it was the players and Billy King.

So welcome, Nets gents, both old and new. This team is really starting to take shape. Now, hopefully they can get at least one Summer League victory.  You can catch a rewind of the conference by clicking below.