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Will first question to Brook be about Robin?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

At 11 a.m. Thursday, the Nets will introduce their four free agents --so far-- in Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young, Shane Larkin and Thomas Robinson. That's a $116 million investment and unlike their last big free agent press conference, two years ago, all four are younger than 35. In fact, they're all between 22 and 27.

The first question is likely to be directed to Brook Lopez, who's making $63.7 million over three, and it's likely NOT to be about money but instead the other big free agent signing in New York, the Knicks signing of his brother Robin.  The twin brothers' rivalry once separated by a continent will now be separated by only a river.

As the Times' Benjamin Hoffman wrote last week, Brook's on-court dominance should be assured, but he is at a loss when it comes to off-court. Robin dominates social media. Brook doesn't even have a Twitter account. Robin beats up mascots. Brook hangs around with them. There will no doubt be jokes about Brook's comments that his brother is a "an idiot ... a moron" and Robin's claim that he's the better looking twin.

For Hoffman, the big winner in the brotherly competition could be New York basketball.

New York will now have two of the game’s better 7-footers anchoring the lineups of its two N.B.A. teams. It’s not quite Willie, Mickey and the Duke, but the city’s many basketball fans can probably look forward to some animated arguments about which Lopez brother is more valuable — the quiet star or the hard-working role player. Of course, the debates will be a lot more passionate if both New York teams can actually start playing a good deal better.

Hear, hear!   The press conference will be broadcast live on YES.