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Chris McCullough: "I model my game after LaMarcus Aldridge"

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The big news of the NBA off-season was LaMarcus Aldridge's decision to leave Portland and move right past the Lakers and Suns into a new job playing alongside Tim Duncan in San Antonio.  It was a great get.  And if Chris McCullough follows his inspiration, the Nets will have a LaMarcus Aldridge type in their future, too.

The Nets website asked the injured McCullough who his inspirations are and after noting VInce Carter was one, the 6'10" 20-year-old said the player he thinks he can most be like is Aldridge.

"I model my game after LaMarcus Aldridge. I like everything he does. He’s a 6’10" player, he can handle the ball, he can shoot from mid-range, and he’s got a post-up game. I play very similar to him so I modeled my game after him."

Of course, Aldridge is a four-time All-Star and outweighs McCullough by 40 pounds. McCullough is also recovering from a torn ACL and has had a problem putting on weight (despite his favorite food being pizza topped by bacon and chicken).  Unless he adds a lot of weight to his now skinny frame, his dreams of playing power forward in the NBA could be limited.

In the rest of the interview, McCullough talks about how he wanted to play for the Nets in Brooklyn, becoming the first native New Yorker to play for the Brooklyn Nets.

"It was an amazing experience first off," he said of Draft Night. "It’s my hometown so it’s even better. This was my first choice. I can’t wait to start playing at Barclays Center.  I’m happy to be here; I can’t wait to be on the court."

There's no word when McCullough will be back on the court. He started running about a month ago and he's said he hopes be practicing in November --11 months after the tear-- but said he won't rush it.