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How serious were the Cavaliers talks for Joe Johnson?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Buried in Sam Amico's report Wednesday that the Cavaliers are looking to deal Brendan Haywood's non-guaranteed deal was this paragraph...

Meanwhile, an ESPN report earlier this week said the Cavs were discussing a trade that would send Haywood and Anderson Varejao to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Joe Johnson. But sources told Amico Hoops late Tuesday that the Cavs have not offered Varejao in any of their most recent trade talks.

There's been some reporting that the Nets were looking for a third team to take on Varejao's two-year, $20 million deal, but little else, other than CBA math, to indicate Varejao would be part of a deal.  No Varejao and it;s hard to imagine a deal. Amico's reporting implies the deal was never that close, talks never that serious.  Not to say that they couldn't be.

Similarly, Chris Mannix writes Wednesday that things were less serious than suggested...and that the most recent talks have been about the rights to Russian center Sasha Kaun, not Johnson.

All quiet on the Joe Johnson trade front. The Nets had preliminary talks with the Grizzlies and Cavaliers about a deal, but those talks went nowhere, per a source. Brooklyn did speak to Cleveland last week but its most recent conversation wasn't about Johnson--it was about acquiring Sasha Kaun, the 30-year old Russian center who is interested in playing in the NBA next season. Cleveland owns Kaun's rights; Brooklyn is interested in acquiring them.

In fact, there's some question as to how aggressively the Nets are pushing a trade for Johnson, whose veteran leadership --and scoring-- are valued by the team.