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Thaddeus Young: "The sky’s the limit for this team”

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Nets final roster is still a work in progress as they try to fill their final roster spots ... and try to figure out what to do with their two $20+ million backcourt mates, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.  Still, Thaddeus Young likes what he sees.

"I’m very excited to be going back and the sky’s the limit for this team," Young told a Memphis radio station. Mike Mazzeo reported on the interview.  He complimented the Nets for getting him and Brook Lopez under contract so quickly in free agency.  "We were able to kinda just discuss it and come to terms as quickly as possible because we wanted to kinda just start worrying about trying to build the team and trying to figure out the future. I think [the Nets] did a pretty good job of just getting everything done between me and Brook."

Young said he thought his deal --reported at $50 million over four years with a player option for year 4-- was a fair deal, a good one for him when looking at how the national TV rights deal will inflate salary numbers.

"With the salary cap rising, it gives me a chance to get back to the table after three [years], so I think it’s a good deal for me," Young said.

As for his coach, Young had nothing but praise. "He’s a straightforward guy. He’s not gonna sugarcoat anything. He’s going to come straight at you and let you know exactly how he feels. And I respect those type of coaches. I don’t want a coach that’s gonna just brush everything aside or shy away from certain conversations."

The popular Net also gave a shoutout to his equally popular wife, Shekinah, for making his various moves as a player so easy.

"My hat goes off to my wife. She’s the one kind of planning out the process of the moving situation, and she kind of had everything all squared away by the time I got back to Brooklyn, because I had to fly out on a road trip when I got traded."