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Ryan Boatright willing to give Nets the old college try

Brooklyn Nets

It's hard to imagine the Nets starting the season with two back-up point guards who don't crack 5'11" and with Shane Larkin guaranteed a $1.4 million, Ryan Boatright, undrafted out of UConn, has a lot of work to do.  But as he tells Tim Bontemps, it's not the first time.

"Every time. Twenty-nine teams passed on me. I’ve got a national championship, played in a tough league, should have been the player of the year. So for 29 teams to pass on me with 60 picks … I don’t think there’s 59 players better than me."

Boatright's chances are bolstered by one number --41.  That's the number of inches he topped in the max vertical testing at the Pre-Draft Combine and the percentage he shot from deep last season.  To him, that's a more important number than the 5'11" he recorded with shoes back in May. He was the shortest player measured at the combine.

Boatright looked good Sunday, scoring 23 points --13 in the third quarter-- as the Nets lost a summer league heartbreaker. His decision-making, critical to his success, was a bit shaky in the fourth, but he retained his confidence in the post game interview with Basketball Insiders.  He talked as well about the partially guarantee --$75,000- on the two year deal the Nets gave him.

"It definitely takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders," he told Alex Kennedy. "You can go out there and play with a little more confidence versus people out there who are worried about their mistakes and things they did wrong. Knowing you got a deal and you can play your game is a big lift."