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Deron Williams hopes for $18 million profit on Manhattan loft

Evan Joseph

Before his buyout and stretch, Deron Williams was owed $43.2 million. His Nets buyout amounted to $27.5 million. And his new Mavericks contract is worth $11 million.  So D-Will's net loss was $4.7 million. Not a problem if he even gets a fraction of what he wants for the 6,800-square-foot apartment he bought in 2013.

According to the Post, Williams and his wife want $33.5 million for the The Merchants House loft at 35 North Moore Street. That's $17.7 million profit on a two year investment. Not as good as Prokhorov's turnaround on the Nets, but pretty good nonetheless. The Post reports that the apartment has been customized "from top to bottom" and boasts a floating staircase and a climate-controlled wine room.

Darren Rovell tweeted pictures of the TriBeca home...

Will D-Will have trouble selling?  Maybe not.  The apartment was once owned by P. Diddy. So it has celebrity cachet. Williams, in between jobs, is currently vacationing in Croatia.