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Mikhail Prokhorov: 'We're here to win, and we'll do whatever we can'

Brooklyn Nets

In a message on the Brooklyn Nets website, team owner Mikhail Prokhorov made a special statement to Nets fans in speaking about last season as well as speaking to the future of the franchise.

He begins by noting that the team is in good shape, after having locked in Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young this season, to go along with Joe Johnson and Bojan Bogdanovic, who Prokhorov said showed "flashes of brilliance" last year.

Last season, the Nets had a "really good season...without a lot of noise," he said. He did not mention Deron Williams, who he's paying $27.5 million to leave Brooklyn.

He continues to seem more optimistic about the team in it's change in philosophy -- "we're younger and more athletic." "Our approach has been more strategic," in setting up for the future, he noted.

The most important thing, and refreshing thing he said was probably this: "Make no mistake about it, we're here to matter what it takes." That's always good to hear.

Mikhail Prokhorov also speaks to his "promise" to get married after to five years, if the Nets didn't win an NBA Championship. Of course, as you know, they didn't.  So, is he getting married? No. No he's not. Instead, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is getting married in his place. Yup, Mikhail Prokhorov runs the league alright.

"Adam, you are a much better man than me," Prokhorov said.

Here's the transcript of the key portion...

"First of all, we had a really good offseason – better than a lot of people expected," Prokhorov said. "Without a lot of noise, we got a lot done. Brook and Thaddeus are staying with us, which gives us continuity in our frontcourt. Joe Johnson stays as a core player. We also have high expectations for Bojan Bogdanovic, who showed us real flashes of brilliance in his first year on the Nets.

"Some of you have noticed a shift in our approach. You’ll see a team that is younger and more athletic this season. Our approach has been more strategic. We are making all necessary moves to be set up well for the future. But one thing remains constant, and make no mistake about it: We are here to win, and we’ll do whatever we can, together with all of you who are working for us."

The video appears to have been recorded at ONEXIM headquarters in Moscow.