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Shane Larkin deals with Phil Jackson

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, there is a market for the ruminations of an NBA general manager whose team won 17 games last year, the worst season in his franchise's (bloated and overrated) history.  ESPN has engaged Charlie Rosen, Jackson's Boswell, to write up these memoirs of failure.

In this week's episode, Rosen talks to Jackson about Shane Larkin who led the Knicks in minutes last season.  Jackson had traded for Larkin, a pick-and-roll point guard before the season, then decided not to exercise his third year option, around $1.7 million.  As the Knicks season roiled and rolled, Larkin tried as he might to master the triangle.  Phil didn't think Larkin played well ... and told Rosen so. "Unfortunately," he said, "Shane hasn’t grown any since the start of the season."

So, getting ahead of the curve, the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Barry responded in a measured and classy tweet.

There followed a few tweets from incorrigible Knick fans, one of whom suggested that Jerian Grant, the Knicks new back-up point guard, was better than Larkin and another departed Knick guard, Tim Hardaway Jr., combined.

For this exchange alone, Larkin will become a fan favorite, a Nets fan favorite.