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Shane Larkin and the perils of the triangle

Brooklyn Nets

Shane Larkin is 22 years old and someone a number of teams thought had promise after he led the University of Miami to the Sweet 16 and its best season ever. He was also selected the ACC Player of the Year by the ACC coaches. All the Nets want him to do is get back to that form, that style.

"He’s still young," Billy King said of Larkin. "He came out (of school) early. I said the same thing to (free agent addition) Thomas Robinson -– we want to get you back to being what got you drafted, to where you were." "We’re going to let you be who you are."

And Larkin will have a couple of advantages, as Ohm Youngmisuk reports. He is healthy. He was hurt most of his first season, with the Mavericks. He doesn't have to run the triangle like he did last season with the Knicks.  Larkin was kind in his assessment of Phil Jackson's favorite offense.

"I mean the triangle is a good offense if you have the type of players that fit within that offense," Larkin said. "And I don’t feel like it was the best offense for me. I’m more of a pick-and-roll guy, and there’s not as many pick and rolls in that offense. I’m not talking bad about it. It’s a great offense. I wish them nothing but the best."

That's a little different from what he tweeted after the Nets signed him. He agreed with a fan that he was happy to be away from it.  He did delete the tweet.

Right now, he's one of two natural point guards with a guaranteed contract, the other being Jarrett Jack. Between the two of them, they started 49 games last year, Jack 27, Larkin 22.  The Nets also have a decision to make on Ryan Boatright in November when he has $125,000 guarantee that has to be tended to.  Expect at least one more point guard in camp.